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The 4 Ds of Home Security

The Four Basic Principles of Home Security   It is clear that violent crime is trending up all across the nation. What may not be so clear is what exactly can you do to keep yourself from becoming a victim of violent crime. Since most people spend a majority of their day at home we will start with focusing on […]

What Is Giardia and How To Treat It

What Giardia Is & How To Treat It Reality Survival Welcome to Reality Survival. Today, we’re going to talk about the Beaver Fever. Don’t worry – it’s not what you think. I got this information from Mayo Clinic about Giardia infection. I know this is extremely exciting information, but you should listen to it because Giardia is a primary way […]

What To Pack In A Trauma Kit

If you are a person who takes your security seriously and you likely are since you are reading this site, you should also take your health and wellness seriously as well. I believe that it is every citizens responsibility to provide for their own security and as such they should also be trained and equipped to be able to render […]