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What To Pack In A Trauma Kit

If you are a person who takes your security seriously and you likely are since you are reading this site, you should also take your health and wellness seriously as well. I believe that it is every citizens responsibility to provide for their own security and as such they should also be trained and equipped to be able to render medical assistance to their self or others should the need arise.

The link below is to a .PDF document that contains a list of the components for three different sized trauma kits. One smaller one that could be carried in a cargo pocket or in a purse, a larger one that could easily be carried in a vehicle or EDC backpack and a larger active shooter response kit.

Please take a look at the document below and consider ensuring that you have your medical supplies stocked up appropriately. Also if you have not attended an basic and advanced first aid and or Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) class please do so! You will not regret it.

Click Here To Open/Download: Trauma Kit Contents List

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