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Food Supply List For Family of Four For One year

This list provide an example list of foods that can be purchased at local grocery stores or online. This list also focuses on food that ha

4 thoughts on “Food Supply List For Family of Four For One year

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      Thanks JJ , that’s a great reference list and being on my own and being pretty well stocked already It’s showed me where I may have a few short falls, and excesses too. I found things on this list I’d tried hard to find expected shelf live figures on and hadn’t been able to till now.

      Over all I’m looking pretty good though and thanks a million for putting this list up for download. I’m sure I’ll use this allot !

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      Today is 9.3.21 and the situation within the U.S. is VERY concerning politically and medically. I’m not even mentioning Russia, China, Iran, et al which of course is an additional concern for my husband and myself. I’ve just read that you don’t feel within the USA, we’re facing a catastrophic melt-down any time soon. I’m a 75 year old woman, excellent health and my husband is 63, also in excellent health. I’m to be recommending to him that we embrace you entire website, utilizing & following fully every available recommendation contained herein immediately as we’re only prepared for 3 months. We’ve chosen to retire within the SW corner of Colorado, based on a 10 year ago recommendation by Joel M. Skousen in his book “Strategic Relocation”. He’s since updated his book to the current 4th edition. His web-site has also been helpful. Being an architect, my husband will be addressing the most recent construction factors mentioned by Mr. Skousen, also including more sophisticated medical supplies, ivermectin, fish antibiotics, et al as well, to be completed within the next 2 years. What I fear is we’re not going to have sufficient time to complete what we’re now lacking. My question: based on our ages, have you any specific advice for those of us in our age group, especially living in the middle of 35 acres, within a 19 home gated ranch, with a younger ranch manager who is a skilled hunter, next to federal forests @ 8,000 ft. elevation? We live at the very top/end of the ranch. Each neighbor has a minimum of 35 acres of non-farmable land. 16 homes are empty/vacation homes on average of 50 weeks a year. We are basically alone most every year. Do you have any additional advice?

      Our closest neighbor, 75 acres away, is within our age group, a thoracic surgeon, an active 2 Star General just back from his regular annual 3 month stint in Africa/Afghanistan. Please notify me when you complete your “Doctor” category which I saw in a different section of your site as I would like to introduce him to your web-site. Warm regards and thank you for all your service and information, Mary E. Rothwell

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      You need more vegetables. Dehydrated onions help lots of things. It’s easy to dehydrate veggies; some need to be blanched first. Garlic powder. Cans of v8, green beans, etc.

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